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This information was submitted by a user from the FATE Discussion Forum.

What you need to understand is what types of items there are in Fate and how the game names those items.

Fate has two types of items:
1. Normal Items
The game creates most items by taking a base item and randomly assigning special properties.

2. Artifacts
You may also encounter a few rare items called artifacts. Unlike normal items, an artifact's stats are pre-determined; no random properties here.

The Fate Reference Site ( has a complete list of these artifacts and base items.

You need to understand that when Fate attaches a bonus to an item, it also attaches a prefix and/or suffix to the name. This name extension provides a clue of what properties there are.

There are four types of extensions:
A. Grades
Weapons and armor come in different grades. Apart from the default grade, you may find Superior, Exceptional, and Flawless prefixes on items. These grades denote an improved damage or defense of a weapon, but they are not accompanied by any increased requirements.

Note that not all Grades appear in all difficulty levels. In the Page difficulty, Graded Items will not be found at all. In Adventurer, only Superior items are available. In Hero difficulty, you also will find Exceptional items. Only in the Legendary difficulty will you find Flawless weapons or armor.

B. Ranks
In addition to Grade prefixes, an item can have a Rank. Elite and Legendary items are far more powerful than their average counterparts, and their requirements are higher as well, including Fame requirements.

Thus, Rank prefixes denote a powerful version of a normal weapon, just like Grades. However, unlike Grades, Ranks introduce much higher requirements.

C. Common Prefixes
Because there are so many possible bonuses that can be added to a weapon, there are many name extensions that accompany them.

For instance, the prefix "Flaming" denotes that a base item now inflicts Fire Damage.

D. Common Suffixes
Just like prefixes, common suffixes can appear. These typically are not very helpful in telling what bonuses they represent. For example, the "of the Fox" prefix appears when an item has a Mana Recovery bonus.

I'm afraid that no one has yet compiled a list of these common extensions. Somehow, Fate does not "stack" these name extensions when lots of bonuses of a particular type exist, but picks only one or a couple to use.

P.S. You can find out all about Ranks and Grades and more by reading pages 32 and 33 of the Fate Manual. http://www.worldoffa...nloads/Fate.pdf

Note that one extension can stack on top of one of another type of extension. Thus, it is possible to have a "Flawless Legendary Flaming Greatsword of the Fox".
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