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What is my maximum character level?
You can go up to level 99. Beyond that you will continue to accumulate some XP, but you'll never level up again.

What does my character gain for retiring?
In addition to being able to pass down an heirloomed item, your new character starts out with fame equal to the number of times you've retired, plus one. After you retire twice, you'll have a new character with a starting fame of three. Once you've retired five times, you'll have a character with a starting fame of six.

As a magician, how do I fight the various magic immune mobs?
In general, use summons and charms to control enemies that aren't magic immune and use them as a shield/attack.

What sort of items can I give my pet to make him last longer?
Pets tend to take abuse no matter what you do, so there's at least one strategy that seems to work well. Giving it a large AC boost with life steal can keep them alive longer, as long as the pet has a sufficient attack score to hit something.

Improving my spellcasting skill doesn't appear to do anything to the casting times listed in the spellbook.
The spellbook doesn't reflect the improved times, but they are there.

How do I assign spells to my spellbook?
In the lower right hand corner, just to the right of the toolbar, click your active spell to get your foldout spell list. Put your mouse cursor on one o fthem and press any one of the F keys to assign the spell to that key.

How fast does my HP and mana recover?
This is variable depending on your gear, but hit points are measured per minute, and mana is measured per ten seconds.

Do I get skillpoints for the fame I receive as a new character that's the descendant of one of my old ones?

What can shrines modify?
Shrines can modify all skills and stats.

What are the different fame levels?

Local Hero
Local Legend
Well Known
Folk Hero
Rising Star


What happens to heirloom items?
Each effect on the item gainst a 25% bonus, and the item upgrades one step in quality, if it is a weapon or armor item. This means that Superior becomes Exceptional, Exceptional becomes flawless, and so on.

Do the gems socketed in my heirloom item change when it is heirloomed?
No, they do not, they just stay socketed to the item. However, when you give an item a special effect through the user of a gem, and then heirloom that item, the item will keep the boosted percentage of the effect as if it were a permanent part of the item. In other words, if you had a gem that gave your item a base effect of +4, and you heirloomed it, so that it now had an effect of +5, and you then remove the gem, you only remove the bonus provided by the gem. Your item loses the +4, and still has the +1 modifier, which has been permanently transferred into the item.

What determines how many sockets an item can have?
The item's height in squares (in your inventory) determines how many sockets it can possess. Four sockets is the maximum that any item can have.

What is the finest gem quality in the game?
Superior gems are the highest quality.
Do all items have an equal chance of getting bonuses/curses/nothing when enchanting?

Yellow item: 20% to get socket(s), 4.8% to remove all powers, 75.2% nothing happens.
Teal item: 20% to get socket(s), 40% to get extra enchantment(s), 2.4% to remove all powers, 37.6% nothing happens.
White, blue: 20% to get socket(s), 40% to get extra enchantment(s), 10% to get "imbued with unique powers" (gets a buch of enchantments and becomes teal), 1.8% to remove all powers and 28.2% nothing happens.

(these percentages are unconfirmed)

What types of items can be enchanted?
Weapons, armor, and jewelery can be enchanted. Basically, everything your character can wear.

What are the maximum levels of benefit on certain enchantments?
All of these increases are limited after all modifiers are applied.
Damage Reduced - 75%
Reflect Damage - 75%
Increased Block - 50%
Increased Attack Speed - 90%
Faster Casting Speed - 80%

How do requirement reduction items work?
Once you equip an item that reduces requirements, it reduces the stat requirements for any item you'd like to equip. It won't make it easier to don a piece of armor itself, but if you're already wearing something, it'll reduce the requirements for anything you want to put on after that.

How many enchantments can a non-artifact item contain?
They can contain up to 8 unique modifiers.

How much of a markup to vendors put on the goods you sell them?
They'll sell an item for 8 times what they bought it from you for.

Why does armor drop so much more rarely than weapons?
For two reasons. First, there aren't as many pieces of armor in the game as there are weapons. Second, monsters are more likely to drop something they can weild than something they can't. Monsters cannot use armor, so they will naturally drop armor less.

Why don't Staves seem to sell for enough?
Staves have default properties built into them. Where as a sword might have 18-24 damage, a staff might have +10 intelligence. This isn't the same as a weapon having a bonus ability, like +5 to Magic Find. As a result, the staff has a value that already reflects the default abilities it possesses. That's why sometimes you'll identify one and the price won't go up. If it has bonus abilities, just like any other magic item, those will be reflected in its post identify cost.

Why am I finding multiple copies of the same artifact?
The artifacts are not exclusive, they're just extremely rare. This is so that if you accidentally mutilate your favorite artifact through enchanting or using an anvil, you might be able to get it back.

In what order to various bonuses apply themselves?
In general, calculate percentages first, and then add in integers.

For example, you have two rings, one that is +10 STR, +10% STR, and another that is +15 STR, +20% STR. That means that you first calculate the percentages. +10% and +20% STR for a 50 STR character means +5 STR and +10 STR. That gives you a STR of 65. Adding on the +25 STR left over from the rings, you have a total STR of 90.


Do levels ever refresh?
Yes. Once you have left a level, and have no open town portals leading back to that level, it'll refresh. It'll be unexplored and repopulated the next time you visit that level.

What is the lowest level of the dungeon?
Although it is advertised to be level 99, you can explore all the way down to level 2,147,483,647. This means the dungeon is, in fact, about 4 million miles deep.

What is the maximum number of summoned creatures I can have at once?
The limit of summoned creatures is 6.

Does the difficulty I'm playing on increase the chance for rare items to drop?
Yes, and it also allows for new item qualities (above superior), which provides even better stats.

How does speed and weapon damage work?
Simply put, the higher speed the weapon, the more it hits, so the less damage the weapon does with each strike, in order to balance it against slower weapons which hit less often, but do more damage with each individual strike.

A high speed weapon is very useful if you're using effects like life steal, as it'll steal life each hit. However, magical enchantments can increase a weapon's speed, so it is popular to take a powerful, slow weapon and magically increase its speed to see that much more of an effect. Ultimately, it's up to how you want to do it.

What are the weapon attack speeds?

Slowest - .6
Slow - .8
Normal - 1
Fast - 1.1
Fastest - 1.2

How do I calculate my chance to hit?

It is calculated with this formula:

100 * ( AR / ( AR + TargetDR ) )

Where AR is Attack Rating, and DR is Defense Rating.

Is knockback useful?
Yes. Very. In short, it can be a real lifesaver since it opens up the field of engagement, preventing you from getting swarmed. That said, it can knock your opponent into a host of other creatures, who will then overwhelm you, or alternatively just knock your opponent off screen, requiring you to go after them. Also, it rarely has been known to knock an opponent into a wall, sticking them where you can't get to.

What spells can a monster cast?
Each monster can cast only the spells provided to them in their monsters.dat description. This is a list of the spells that monsters are provided as part of the base Fate game:

Draining Aura
Fire Wall
Great Heal
Greater Group Heal
Lightning Storm
Lightning Strike
Minor Group Heal
Minor Heal
Minor Heal Target*
Muffle Magic
Poison Cloud
Shocking Burst
Spectral Armor
Summon Mummies*
Summon Rats
Summon Skeleton
Summon Timberwolf
Summon Vampire Bat
Summon Zombies*

* spell not available for characters to use.

In addition, boss monsters can also use special abilities above and beyond the ones in this list of spells.

Why doesn't changing the rarity on a magic anvil, shrine, or fountain change how often it appears?
There's a built in limit to how many of these items can appear in one level, and the rarity only changes it relative to other 'special' events.

Do +gold and magic find enchantments on items I've equipped my pet with affect the amount of gold/magic items that drop from the monsters I kill?
Yes, but only if your pet strikes the killing blow. Think of your pet like another player in this case, and instead of using your gold/magic bonuses, you use the pet's.

Is anything in this game randomly generated?
Yes, most everything, actually. There's a file that contains all of the information about the items in the game. Another for monsters, and again for levels. The game grabs some of this data whenever you run across one of these things, and generates some of its stats randomly. For instance, an item can drop as a normal quality item, or it can drop as a superior, and so on.

Levels are randomly generated from seeds, meaning that each level will have some influenced elements, such as twisty corridors, or long hallways.
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