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I'm getting a message that says Application Error
My game is glitching, locking up or quitting randomly.
I'm seeing unusual graphics.

These are all fairly general issues that can occur with any game. The majority, well over 95%, can be fixed with these basic steps:

First, disable your background applications with these steps.

1) Go to the Start Menu, and choose Run. Type in MSCONFIG, and then click on the Ok button. That’ll launch the System Configuration Utility.
2) This program lets us control any of the programs running in the background of your computer. From the list of items on this page, find and click on Selective Startup.
3) Underneath Selective Startup, remove the checkbox from Load Startup Items.
4) After that, click on Ok, and then let your computer restart.

After this, none of the programs that normally launch when you turn on your computer will start. If you’d like to undo this so that your computer starts up normally again, simply follow these steps but in step 2 click on Normal Startup, and then skip step 3.

Second, once you've finished, contact your system manufacturer, and request their assistance in reinstalling the latest drivers for your video card. You'll want to do this even if you're sure you've got the latest, and you'll always want to get the drivers provided by the video card manufacturer. This isn't the same thing as your system manufacturer. For example, if you have a Dell computer that uses an ATI video card, you'll want to ask your Dell technician to help you install the ATI video drivers.

Third, reinstall DirectX by visiting You'll want to do that after you reinstall your video drivers so that DirectX can properly refresh.

In Fate, my screen is mostly black, or very very dark.
You can modify the CONFIG.DAT file inside the Fate folder to reflect these values:


After you do that, the game should look much better.

I'm having mouse performance issues. How can I correct them?
Go into your CONFIG.DAT and try changing your CUSTOMCURSOR:1 to CUSTOMCURSOR:0

I'm stuck behind a crate, and I can't seem to go anywhere, what can I do?
If you open your Fate folder and then open the ITEMS.DAT file in your ITEMS folder, and then search for ":Crate". Once you've found that section, you can look for this line ":1" and change it to ":0". Once you do that, you'll be able to slip past the crate. Alternatively, use the cheats Descend or Ascend to teleport to an adjacent level and walk back to where you were via the stairs.

Dual Core Issues
A possible fix for problems on Dual Core machines follows. First, start the game. Once it is running, press Alt+Tab or the Windows key to jump back to Windows.

Start the Task Manager. You can do this by either right-clicking your Start Menu and choosing Task Manager, or press CTRL+ALT+DEL and choose Task Manager from the list that appears.

Choose the processes tab, and right click on FATE.EXE. When the menu appears, choose Set Affinity. You'll see both CPU0 and CPU1 checked. Uncheck one of them, and then click Ok.

This forces the game to use only one processor, fixing potential conflicts.

Why won't my character go above level 99
Character level 99 is the highest level you can attain.

I've heirloomed an item that included a movement enchantment, and now my character is so fast I can't control him. What can I do?
Unfortunately, there's no way to reverse that effect. It's generally best to avoid heirlooming an object with a movement bonus for this reason.
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