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NickC Please Sticky this PLEASE!
If you haven't seen my other posts, F:UR has an amazing new feature that makes modding easier than ever before and almost completely eliminates the need for modmanager unless doing sound/gui mods. Droping anything into the FUR/REALMS/ folder makes it recognizable to the game; nothing needs to be changed, nothing overwriten, nothing modded, PERIOD!

Item Mod: Modname/ITEMS/en-US/items.dat
Moster Mod: Modname/MONSTERS/en-US/monsters.dat
Spell Mod: Modname/SPELLS/en-US/spells.dat
Particle Mod: Modname/PARTICLES/particles.dat
Realm Mod: Realmname/REALM/en-US/realms.dat

#2 Drop the folder "modname" into the FUR/REALMS/ folder and THAT IS IT! the game will recognize it and your items will appear in the game JUST LIKE THAT.

#3 Monsters can be added only to a specific realm using :# tag; if modding an actual Realm you can add a custom town as well as all of the above in your realm using :# tag and the # you asigned to your Realm in the REALM/realms.dat

Example I want to add my SwordPack:

1) Make folder "SwordPack" in FUR/REALMS/ (or take my current mod and drop it in there)

2) Make an "ITEMS" folder

3) Inside SwordPack/ITEMS make "en-US" folder

4) Inside SwordPack/ITEMS/en-US make items.dat (or if using a mod from Fate, make en-US folder and move the items.dat into it)

5) In SwordPack make "ICONS" folder

6) Associate all icons with REALMS/SWORDPACK/ICONS in items.dat (or reassociate the current mod in seconds by doing find and replace. Find: MODS/SwordPack/ Replace: REALMS/SWORDPACK/ )

7) In SwordPack make "PARTICLES" folder

8) In SwordPack/PARTICLES/ make particles.dat (not en-US/particles.dat - guess they forgot that one but it works)

This process takes a few minutes and is perfect. The swords will appear in every shop just like that.

Note that it should be possible to put :# in the items.dat (you'll notice it in REALMS/Goldshare/ITEMS/en-US/items.dat but it has no effect, I imagine this is a bug that will be fixed in the first patch) to make items realm specific but it works with monsters anyway for now

Note Realm Mods if you don't already know are accessed using the cheat console, type: "realm #"

If we adopt this new way of modding, we only need to include the following instructions:

1) Unzip mod contents to Fate Undiscovered RealmsREALMS

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