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This forum is designed for modders to get feedback, opinions, and publicity for mods they are working on. Here's some guidelines on when you should post here, and how you should format your post:

When to Post in the Works in Progress section

Ideally, you shouldn't post here until you have actually started work on a mod. Please don't post here if you have an idea, but you haven't / don't plan on actually making the mod.

General Format Guidelines

Remember, these are just guidelines - you don't have to follow them. These are mostly tips for how to get your WIP the most attention.

Use meaningful titles

A lot of people won't look any further than the title of your thread. Rather than making a title like "My new mod!" or "A mod for FATE...", use this as a chance to grab people's attention! Good titles like "FATE: Eye of Destiny", and "Mace of the Weeper" are much more likely to get attention.

Post Screenshots!

A picture is worth 1000 words, and a screenshot is much more likely to garner attention (and potentially, excitement), than a long-winded description of your mod.

Try to edit your first post as much as possible

When working on a mod, you'll almost certainly have updates. Rather than making a new post in your thread, try to add an *UPDATE* section to your first post instead. This allows people to quickly see how far along your mod is, without looking through (potentially) many pages of feedback and comments.
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