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The base FAQ was copied from Nick C's Fate FAQ and has been modified for Fate: The Traitor Soul. Please note that this FAQ is currently being updated, so some of the information may actually pertain to the original Fate.

FATE: The Traitor Soul FAQ</div>

*Update* Surdin has kindly gone through and reformatted this FAQ, and made it available on the Tutorial Archive. It does a very good job of organizing these questions and answers, so check it out (pending)!

Before posting a question on the forums – read these questions first! Chances are one of these will answer your question. Many thanks to theminifigmaster for the original FATE FAQ, and to all the users who contributed to the answers found below.

Q.) Is there a demo I can try?
A.) There isn't a "demo" version of any of our games any more. What we have instead are free trials of the full game. You can download FATE: The Traitor Soul here. When you install it, you can play the game TWICE for as long as you want – there are no other limitations! After the two free trials, you'll either need to purchase the game, or spend purchased WildCoins to continue playing.

heron says that this is an alternate location.

If you already have a full version of the game, the "Demo" will also update your current version to the latest version. When using Windows XP or earlier, you should be able to simply install over the top of your current game.

If your OS is Windows Vista or later, you may have to uninstall your game and then download and install the "Demo" for it to work properly. You will still be able to play the full game. This thanks to FATEplayer2010.

Q.) Is FATE multi-player?
A.) No.

Q.) Is there a FATE 4?
A.) No.

Q.) Are there any new content updates or expansion packs?
A.) No.

Q.) Are there any cheat codes?
A.) See the next post below.

Q.) I cannot find the Tilde character on my keyboard. Where is it?
A.) The answer to this question depends upon a large, but finite, number of variables. One of the easiest ways I have found to determine the answer is to refer to the Wikipedia Keyboard Layout Page.

Q.) Can I run FATE in a widescreen resolution or in window mode?
A.) Yes! The options menu in FATE currently does not support these options, but the game can handle almost any resolution with ease. To change FATE to run at your preferred resolution, follow these steps:

Right-click the start menu and click "Explore"
Using the left window pane, navigate to one of the following locations:
For XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent
For Vista: C:\Program Data\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent
Once you've gotten here, in the right window pane, double-click "config.dat" to open it. If your computer doesn't know what program to open it with, just select either Notepad or Wordpad from the list of possible programs.
The first two lines of this file are the preferred width and height values for the resolution. Simply change these numbers to the desired resolution. For example, if you wanted to run the game at 1680x1050:


Would become:


In the same file you will find a line that reads:

Change it to:

to acheive a windowed mode.

Q.) Where are my saved games (or config.dat file) located?
A.) This depends on your operating system:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US

Vista: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US

7: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US (The Coffee God)

The easiest way to get to this folder is by pressing the key combination WINDOWS+R to bring up the run menu, and then pasting the pertinent (Vista or XP) address into the box, then hitting OK. If you do it this way, you can get to the folder even if your computer is set to hide hidden files and system folders – just make sure you type in the address exactly!

The config.dat file is in the Persistent folder itself rather than the SAVE folder.

Q.) Where is the cache located?
A.) This depends on your operating system:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Cache

Vista: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Cache

7: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Cache (Arachne's Son)

Q) What does it mean when the game tells me "I am feeling a deep sense of Dread" and it doesn't allow me to go any deeper?
A) As explained in the topic "Fts - Can't Go Below Level 41..." you have failed to pick up one of the required Hero Items. It should appear on your mini map as a light green dot. If you have an early version of the game, this is also a known bug and requires you to download the latest patch ... see the first Question above for the link.

Q.) Are there any websites that have extra reference information for FATE?
A.) Pending.

Q.) My game clock is stuck/moving very slowly! What can I do?
A.) The only solution is to reset your game clock back to zero. Once you do, the clock will resume normal operation, and dungeons will reset as expected. Luckily, this is very easy to do. To reset your clock, please refer to this thread.

Q.) What's a mod and where/how do I get them?
A.) A "mod" is a modification to FATE. It can add weapons, monsters, spells, items, and much more to the game. For more information, check out the FATE Game Modification forum.

Also, be sure to check out the FATE Mod Archive here if you're interested in downloading and trying any mods.

If you'd like to try modding yourself, there is an excellent Tutorial Archiveavailable that will be able to answer 99% of your questions.

Q.) How do I apply a Mod? (Thanks Traxex!)
A.) Most of our Mods are compressed in rar/zip format, to "unzip" (or "unrar") those files you have to download Winrar or 7zip.

To decompress the file, right click on it and then select "extract". It will generate a folder which is usually named with the Mod's name.

You can just drop the unzipped folder to the REALMS folder:
C:/Program Files/Wildgames/Fate The Traitor Soul/REALMS/

See the Fate Modding FAQ by Mr. Sir for more information.

Q.) What are the new potions used for?
A.)Thanks for the information heron!
eyedrops cures blindness
coffee cures slowness
rejuvenation restores both health and mana
elixir restores all three (health/mana/stamina)

Q.) How can I get past level 199?
A.) Fate: The Traitor Soul is supposedly unlimited ...

Q.) What is the most valuable item in the game?
A.) Pending.

Q.) What is the highest level monster?
A.) Pending.

Q.) How many levels does the FATE dungeon have?
A.) 2,147,483,647

Q.) What happens if I try to go to level 2,147,483,648?
A.) You have the worst computer crash you can imagine.

Q.) What is the finest gem quality in the game?
A.) Divine gems are the highest quality. They appear as artifacts. There is also a new Gem level of Perfect. (Thanks Mattdean76!)

Q.) What do the races really excel at?
A.) Thanks heron!
humans start with:
9 extra points in magic.
5% extra magic.
9 extra points in mana.
5% extra mana.
5 extra points in staff skill.
5 extra points in attack magic skill.
5 extra points in defense magic skill.
5 extra points in charm magic skill.
5 extra points in spell casting skill.

Shadow Elf start with:
11 extra points in magic.
15 extra points in dexterity.
5% extra dexterity.
5 extra points in bow and crossbow skills.
5 extra points in spear skill.
5 extra points in dual wield skill.
5 extra points in sword skill.
5% extra movement speed.

Orc start with:
15 extra points in strength.
5% extra strength.
15 extra points in stamina.
5% extra stamina.
5 extra points in axe skill.
5 extra points in club skill.
5 extra points in polearm skill.
5 extra points in hammer skill.
5 extra points in shield skill.

Cogger start with:
5% extra strength.
5% extra damage taken.
5 extra points in critical strike skill.
5% extra armor bonus.
5% extra damage reflected.

Q) What are the items needed for the Hero Statues?
A) Hero Statue Items:
Argonaut's Ring
Argonaut's Buckle
Argonaut's Helm
Argonaut's Sword
Argonaut's Shield
Argonaut's Chain

Swathe's Ring
Swathe's Buckle
Swathe's Helm
Swathe's Sword
Swathe's Shield
Swathe's Chain

Q) What are the new magic spells?
A) New Spells:
Attack - Aurora Shock
Attack - Basilisk Rage
Attack - Blizzard
Attack - Cinderblast
Attack - Dragon Fire
Attack - Fire Rain
Attack - Greater Fireball
Attack - Thunder Sword
Defense - Confusion
Defense - Dust Storm
Defense - Greater Spectral Armor
Defense - Purify
Defense - Thorn Skin
Charm - Summon Floating Barkman
Charm - Summon Floating Cobra Naga
Charm - Summon Floating Crystal Crab
Charm - Summon Floating Ghost Valkyrie
Charm - Summon Floating Mind
Rage - Axe Rage
Rage - Bow Rage
Rage - Club Rage
Rage - Crossbow Rage
Rage - Fist Rage
Rage - Hammer Rage
Rage - Polearm Rage
Rage - Spear Rage
Rage - Staff Rage
Rage - Sword Rage

Druantia Portal Medallion (10 uses), value 15000, ReqLvl 20, Opens portal to Druantia
Typhon Portal Medallion (10 uses), value 15000, ReqLvl 20, Opens portal to Typhon

Seeker/Servant/Agent/Guardian/Hero/Implement of Wyld/Chaos/Skies

Q.) What are all the Fame levels?

Local Hero
Local Legend
Well Known
Folk Hero
Rising Star

Q.) What happens to heirloom items?
A.) Each effect on the item gains a 25% bonus, and the item upgrades one step in quality if its is a weapon or armor item. This means that Superior becomes Exceptional, Exceptional becomes Flawless, and so on.

Q.) What determines how many sockets an item can have?
A.) The item's height in squares (in your inventory) determines how many sockets it can possess (For instance, an item that only takes up one inventory square can only have one socket). Four sockets is the maximum that any item can have..

Q.) Can I un-retire my character?
A.) Yes! There is an un-retire tool in the Mod Archive. Download it here.

Q.) Can I transfer my character from one computer to another?
A.) Yes! (Thanks to BuggsBunny964):

Your character's file will be in an FFD format and will have a number before it. Something like 1.ffd, and it will be in the SAVE file in your game. You can usually find that under:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US

Vista: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US

7: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fatethetraitorsoul\Persistent\SAVE\en-US (The Coffee God)

However, your Application Data file may be hidden - to view it you'll need to:

Click on the "Tools" menu,
Choose "Folder Options."
Click the "View" tab. A grey box with three sections will pop up,
Go to the center section, about half way down, and find the option to view hidden files.
Click on the button next to "Show hidden files and folders.",
The App Data file will appear, somewhat faded, but just as usable as all the other files.

Now navigate to the fatethetraitorsoul folder. Inside are three files, Cache, Persistent, and PersistentScreenshots.

Inside Persistent you will find SAVE\en-US, All your characters are in there. They have a number and the .ffd extension.

Once you find it, simply copy it and paste it either into an e-mail attachment, a thumb drive, or a CD. From there just paste it in to the same directory in the other computer.

Q.) How can I IMPORT my characters from the original FATE?
A.) This answer originally given by Joe R in this post. When you launch Fate: UR you should have the option to import Fate characters automatically (assuming you are using the most recent version of Fate)

If this does not work, you can manually transfer your characters with these instructions:

Open the START menu, and click on "Search",
In the window that appears, click "All Files and Folders" from the list on the left,
In the text box below, type in the exact phrase (including the *): *.FFD
The computer will perform a search for your Fate saved games. This step could take a while depending on how many files you have on your computer so patience is a virtue here,
Once the seach has finished, you should see a number of .FFD files in the search window. Select all of these files, right-click, and choose "COPY". You can paste these anywhere but the easiest is to put them on your desktop for now. Right-click on your desktop and choose "PASTE". You'll see multiple files appear on your desktop,
Press WINDOWS+R on your keyboard to bring up the Run window. The WINDOWS key looks like the Microsoft logo and is between the CTRL and ALT keys,
Copy the appropriate line below based on which Operating System you're using:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\WildTangent
Vista: C:\ProgramData\WildTangent
Hit the "run" button. This will bring up a window that should have a list of WildTangent games. For instance, you should see a folder called "fatethetraitorsoul". In this window, right-click and choose "New Folder". Name this folder "fate",
Open your new folder, right-click in the window and create another new folder. Name this folder "Persistent",
Now open this folder, right-click in the window and create a new new folder. Name this folder "SAVE",
Now open this folder, right-click in the window and create one last new new folder. Name this folder "en-US",
Open the en-US folder, and find the saved games you just copied (probably to the desktop). Copy these files and paste them into the SAVE\en-US folder,
To double check, look in the "Address" bar at the top of the Explorer. You should see the file path copied from step 7, followed by fate\Persistent\SAVE\en-US. If you do, then everything should be set,
Now, launch Fate: The Traitor Soul. From the main menu, choose "Continue Game". In the menu that pops up, select "Import Character".

Thanks to Market for the "en-US" ... and other ... corrections above!

Q.) How do I clone a character?
A.) First, locate your saved games. Then, all you need to do is right-click the character you want to clone - for example, 0.FFD (the numbers represent the order of your characters in the starting menu, so 0.FFD is your first character, 1.FFD is your second character, etc.) and click "copy". Then paste it into the same folder, and rename it "#.FFD", where # is the number of characters you have. For example, if you have 3 characters, name it 3.FFD. You can also rename your characters with a regular filename. When you do, they will be listed alphabetically.

Q.) I can't get my hotkeys to work for my spells. What am I doing wrong?
A.) (Thanks to iubigler) You need to roll your cursor over your spells in the in-game menu; make sure you're not using the spellbook. Once it shows the spell description in Gameplay, hit one of the "F#" keys.

Q.) How does Rikko's enchanting work?
A.) Here is the process that Rikko goes through when you attempt to enchant an item (thanks to chillin13 for writing such a clear explanation):

You try to enchant an item. The item is given a 20% chance of getting a socket. If it gets a socket, you're finished with this enchantment.
If it DOESN'T get a socket, it THEN gives it a 50% chance of gaining a power [automatically dropping artifacts to the next step]. If it gets a power, you are finished with this enchantment.
If it DOESN'T get a power, it then has a 25% chance to get uniqueness [automatically dropping unique items and artifacts to the next step]. If you gained uniqueness, this enchantment is finished.
If it DOESN'T get an enchantment, it then has a 6% chance of losing all powers. If that didn't happen, then "nothing happens."

Q.) What are the maximum levels of benefit on certain enchantments?
A.) These benefits are limited after all modifiers have been applied:

Damage Reduced – 75%
Damage Reflected – 75%
Increased Block – 50%
Increased Casting Speed – 80%

Q.) What is the best non-random gear (without mods)?
A.) According to Alexander:

Legendary Terrifying Visage

Legendary enduring victory

Legendary The Raker

Legendary Ironband

Legendary Ancestral Footsteps

Legendary Mage's Bane (spiked shield, best)
Legendary Frostrind (Battle Shield, 2nd best, but i like looks)
Legendary Breakwater (tower shield, I like how this one looks the most)

Two-handed weapons:
Legendary Reaching Carver (best of two-handed

Legendary Scion's Rod

Legendary St Martin's Immolator

Legendary Gleaming Rictus

One-handed weapons:
Slow Speed:
Legendary Club-mace category:
Legendary Angelic Wand
Legendary Four Cold Winds
Legendary Gemvein

Hammer category:
Legendary Vicious Canticle

Fast Speed:
Legendary Terminal Calculation (best of one-handed)

Normal Speed:
Legendary The Vanguard

Legendary Curse of Mourning
Legendary Foe Cannibal

Branston's Bnawtee Ring of Bling
Band of the Warlock
Julie's Enduring Diamond Ring

Seal of Eternity

Salt of the Earth
Avaricious Pearl
Fist of Samson
Gem of Ages
Secret of the Master
Hadrian's Crystal
Philosopher's Stone
Empire Stone
Adamantine Bauble
The Daystar
The Covetous Heart
Winter's Moon
Trickster's Bauble
Watcher of the Stars
Dwarf's Delight
Eye of the Serpent
Wicked Edge
Angel Heart
Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye
Star Sapphire of Ages

Q.) What is the best artifact weapon?
A.) It just depends on what you like. Here's the whole weapon list:

Legendary Angelic Wand (Club, 120-272 damage, normal speed)

+100 damage to undead

10% damage taken reduced
10% damage bonus
20% crushing resistance bonus
+20 samina recovery

Legendary Vicious Canticle (Hammer, 240-344 damage, slow speed)

8% life stolen per hit
30% attack speed bonus
+130 attack bonus
25% slashing resistance penalty
25% piercing resistance penalty

Legendary Gemvein (Club, 180-372 damage, slow speed)

7% life stolen per hit
30% attack speed bonus
+120 attack bonus
25% piercing resistance penalty

Legendary Reaching Carver (Polearm, 232-436 damage, slow)

8% life stolen per hit
30% attack speed bonus
+140 attack bonus
25% piercing resistance penalty

Legendary Foe Cannibal (Axe, 108-232 damage, normal speed)

+30 damage dealt bonus
+5 axe skill bonus
+12 vitality bonus
25% crushing resistance bonus
25% piercing resistance bonus
5% slashing resistance bonus

Legendary the Vanguard (sword, 112-408 damage, normal speed)
+6 critical strike bonus
+12 HP recovery
+12 stamina recovery
+9 strength
6% life stolen per hit

Legendary Terminal Calculation (spear, 112-448 damage, fast speed)

+40 ice damage
+40 fire damage

25% fire resistance bonus
25% ice resistance bonus
12% speed bonus
10% damage dealt bonus

Legendary Gleaming Rictus (Crossbow, 132-300 damage, normal speed)

+32 electric damage
+32 damage to undead

8% life stolen per hit
25% attack speed bonus
25% slashing resistance bonus

Legendary St Martin's Immolator (Bow, 100-264 damage, normal speed)

+48 fire damage

20% attack speed bonus
20% fire resistance bonus
+20 defense bonus
+5 critical strike bonus
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